what's your story

In 2017 an Osteoarthritis diagnosis changed my life. At the time, my side hustle was an outlet for me, both mentally and creatively. The decision to have to step away from it was a hard one. However, there was a desire to find a way to stay within the creative community somehow. This was when iMADE was born.

I grew up in beautiful Nova Scotia where our mom was an Art teacher. Out of the four children, my baby sister and I would go with mom to the local craft fairs to sell her creations. She would take us everywhere, even to pick pine cones off the lawn of our Church. If she had a creation to make, she needed her supplies and my sister and I were the perfect little helpers. Sadly we lost her to cancer when she was 48, I was 15. Ten years after losing mom we lost our dad, also to cancer.

​The iMADE brand is a celebration for my mother’s legacy. When you support iMADE, her spirit lives on. I’m so touched how the brand has grown organically to date. Mom would be proud of all of us and the culture we’ve created at iMADE. Today the brand has a successful local artisan market which has pivoted to an online market series, and now the iMADE Subscription Box. The growth continues and I’m excited to see what’s next.

Founder/Creator of iMADE